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Strauss Metal metal cabinets
we produce primarily for company use, for offices, workshops, laboratories, and sports fields. They are mostly used for the organized storage of documents and files, but we also make record cabinets suitable for storing weapons. The metal cabinet provides durable and adequate protection for your documents, tools and other devices. The metal cabinets made of quality sheet steel can be ordered with a key lock or an electronic lock.

Our filing cabinets
Hanging folder holder
It is popular among our filing cabinets, in which the papers are placed on their edge, i.e. vertically, for easy overview. It is also available in a fire-resistant version.

It can be found in our offer under the name fire-resistant hanging folder holder.
Map storage with an account
You can store larger, even A2-sized blueprints and maps in our map storage cabinet with drawers. It is a record cabinet with a more robust appearance, which closes with a door, thus protecting important intellectual works.

In addition to the above, we manufacture traditional filing cabinets made of sheet metal, which close with single or double doors. File cabinets can be placed on shelves made of sheet metal with adjustable height inside, which are protected from strangers by doors equipped with keys or electronic locks.


Gun cabinet
Gun safes manufactured under the Strauss Metal brand are divided into three categories. There are qualified, simplified and reinforced versions. The lightweight types live up to their name with a low weight and a simpler structure, while the reinforced cabinets leave the factory made of thicker plate and with more serious locks.


Qualified gun safes
Qualified gun safes that satisfy all needs are not only the safest, but also products tested by the Association of Hungarian Insurers. In addition to the massive mechanical protection and the optional electronic lock, they can also be insured so that the owner can keep his weapon in maximum safety.


In addition to the products on the website and in our catalog, we also serve individual orders. Custom size, design, and interior layout are also possible. We design and manufacture the wardrobe you envision. We also manufacture internal compartments, which can be closed separately if required.


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