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Plasticine seal press (series)
Plasticine seal press (series)
3 190 Ft

Plasticine seal press (series)

24 mm diameter seal.
From an existing series (no 2 serial numbers are the same).
Its pattern is made with a laser and contains hidden marks, so it is difficult to copy.
It is made of unbreakable plastic, to which a steel ring is attached.


Characteristics of plasticine products:
Closed rooms, warehouses, cabinets, chests, etc. ensure that its integrity can be verified.
They are sealed with a seal that identifies the user.
The seals can be ordered with individual engraving or from an existing series with the next serial number.
The seal contains hidden markings, which makes it difficult to copy.

3 190 Ft
Article No.
100 g/pc
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