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MP EU-V strongroom door MABISZ O/1

MP EU-V strongroom door MABISZ O/1
1 749 990 Ft+VAT

MABISZ qualification (according to MSZ EN 1143-1): O/1: insurance value limit of 500 million HUF.
Must be connected to an alarm system.


Locks as standard: O/1 - 2 VdS-2 class key locks (key length: 220mm)
It can also be ordered with a safety grid as an accessory.
Colour: light gray (RAL 7035)


It can be ordered in all classification categories according to the MSZ EN 1143-1 standard!

For safe storage of valuables for banks, industrial, commercial, medical, security transport companies, armed forces and private individuals.
With locks according to certification (even with the highest security KABA PAXOS lock), with individual size designs if required.
Specially designed filling, with which the product weight has been significantly reduced, reducing the transport weight and the load on the slab.

  • Strongroom door

    Orientation: standing
    Height - external: 2350 mm
    Width - external: 1100 mm
    Depth - external: 150 mm
    Door opening height: 1950 mm
    Door opening width: 900 mm
    Weight: 855 kg
    Net weight: 257 kg


    MABISZ certification: O/1
    Insurance limit in case of an alarm system: 500 million HUF
    For alarm system: prepared
    To be alarmed: mandatory
    Colour: light grey (RAL 7035)


    Lock: 2 key locks as standard.

    Also available with electronic lock.
    Can be operated with 2 VdS-3 certified safe locks.

    Other features:
    180 degree opening door.
    Protected by time delay (depending on the locking mechanism).

    Accessories available:
    Can be accessorized with security grid.

  • Article No.
    1100 kg/unit
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