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Customer call system

Customer call system
  • Customer call system
  • Customer call system

Serial number displays
Central displays
Administrative call desk
Administrative call desk with software
Statistical and monitoring software modules

  • Customer call system
    Effective customer management


    Ideal solution for customer management. It continuously increases predictability/planability, not only for the company, but also for the customers, thus reducing the tension between the parties. It also helps you find your way around. All this results in a more efficient, high-quality customer management.


    Our customer calling system is modern, cost-effective and can be developed individually. It can be used in any place where the affairs of the population are handled, and standing in line using traditional methods is no longer sustainable. Our system is primarily recommended for public bodies, banks, savings cooperatives, service providers, customer relations offices, post offices, pharmacies, and medical institutions.


    Elements of the system:
    Local number displays for customer management, which provide a call to the given location (e.g. window, doctor's office).
    Central displays: for the simultaneous display of serial numbers, advertisements and other information. When making a new call, the display shows the number of the calling room or window, as well as the number of the called party, accompanied by a sound signal.
    Administrator call desk: simplified hardware equipment for calling new customers and closing deals.
    Software-based administrative call desk: for handling complex administrative tasks (requires an administrative PC workstation).
    Statistical and monitoring software modules: for the continuous monitoring of data related to customers, the case process and administrators, the preparation and analysis of statistical data and reports.

    Operation of the system

    Using the touch screen, the customer can easily select the desired service from the menu displayed on the customer call terminal display. The terminal prints and issues the ticket, which contains at least the selected service and the customer's serial number. Many other useful information can optionally be displayed on the ticket (e.g. number of people waiting).

    As soon as the employee of the given service provider is ready to call the new customer, he indicates it to the server via the operator's call desk. Then, the central displays located in the institution and the current local queue number display will show the queue number of the next called customer and the server counter.

    An excellent option for the most effective customer management and statistics. Our system provides an opportunity to organize offices, e.g.: opening hours, lunch breaks, and the number of employees.

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