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MP EU-VIII strongroom door MABISZ P/1

MABISZ certification (according to MSZ EN 1143-1): P/1: HUF 4.000 million insurance limit
Mandatory to be included in an alarm system!

Locks as standard: P/1 - 2 VdS-3 class keyed locks (key length: 220mm)
Available with security grille as an option.
Colour: light grey (RAL 7035)


Available in all classification categories according to MSZ EN 1143-1.

For secure storage of valuables for banks, industrial, commercial, medical, security transport companies, armed forces and private persons.
With certified locks (up to the highest security KABA PAXOS lock), with customised sizes on request.
Specially designed loading, with which the product weight has been significantly reduced, reducing the transport weight and the load on the slab.


Modular design, which allows us to easily adapt to the customer's space requirements: even "room within a room" design or room extension is possible. In the event of dismantling or relocation, it can be dismantled, transported and even reassembled.


Vaults are classified according to insurance limits.


Recommended underwriting limits for strongrooms

O/1 - EU V : HUF 500 million
O/2 - EU VI : HUF 1 billion
O/3 - EU VII : HUF 2 billion
P/1 - EU VIII : HUF 4 billion
P/2 - EU IX : 10 billion HUF

Lightweight strongrooms of single-element construction with matching resistance door. In monolithic construction the minimum wall thickness is 400 mm reinforced concrete wall.

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