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  Hand sanitizer stand, non-contact, with automatic dispenser, paper towel + waste container

Hand sanitizer stand, non-contact, with automatic dispenser, paper towel and waste container


The ideal hand sanitizer solution for shops, shopping centers and institutions with high customer traffic.

In connection with the current epidemiological situation and after that, the demand for disinfection will increase. We offer a solution for this with our contactless disinfection station, which is suitable for disinfecting both hands and the handle of the shopping cart. It can dispense up to 1,000 doses of disinfectant gel or spray with one refill.

Thanks to the extremely economical dispenser, it rarely needs to be filled and does not need to be maintained. It can also be used without a mains plug, the device can be operated for a long time with the batteries in the dispenser or rechargeable batteries (battery or battery not included).


Unique image, corporate appearance: the device housing of the automatic hand sanitizer provides an excellent opportunity to create a corporate image (painting or stickers matching the brand, placing company logos and inscriptions).


Expected delivery time: 4-6 weeks.

110 228 Ft+VAT
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Petrolmat filling machine

Main characteristics:

Simplex design: with a single-sided user interface.
Duplex version: with a user interface on both sides.
17" touch screen
Automatic brightness correction.
Full Hungarian touch keyboard.
Multilingual user interface.
Multilingual audio playback.
Bank card reader.
with PIN pad.
Banknote acceptor: accepts forints and euros.
Collection of unclaimed receipts.
Uninterruptible power source.
Infrared IP camera.
Money storage safe deposit box.
Tax printer with AEE.
Warning email notifications.
Electronic alarm system.
Opening, body sound, drilling, tilt sensors.
MABISZ-certified value storage device.
NAV distribution license number: A166

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