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SN-G Extra (G certification)

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SN-G Extra (G certification)
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  • SN-G Extra safe - Strauss Metal


    Orientation: vertical



    Height: 1800 mm
    Width: 1070 mm
    Depth: 650 mm



    Height: 1730 mm
    Width: 1000 mm
    Depth: 487 mm

    Number of shelves: 4 pcs
    Weight: 630 kg

    Capacity: 843 liters

    Number of locking pins: 11 pcs


    MABISZ certification: G
    Insurance value limit: 40 million HUF
    For connecting to an alarm system: prepared
    Connecting to an alarm system: optional
    Certification: EN1143-1 (EU II)
    Color (RAL): light gray (RAL 7035)


    Lock: standard version with 1 VdS-1 certified key safe lock.

    It can also be ordered with a mechanical or electronic lock.
    It can also be ordered in a double-lock design.

    Protected against lock drilling.

    Fixing is mandatory.
    Mounting kit included.
    Fixing holes on the bottom plate.


    Other features:
    Double-walled, with special filling between the walls.
    Protected by time delay.
    Moderately fireproof.
    Door that can be opened 180 degrees.
    Multi-directional closure.
    Removable shelves.
    Optimal interior design.


    Available accessories:
    Internal compartment
    Hanging folder insert
    Databox insert
    Chest of drawers
    Insertion head for banknote
    Insert head for size A/4, A/5
    Payroll safe deposit

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    tresor, wall safe, floor safe, Key safe, Safe with electronic lock,
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