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Multisafe MD-3D
Multisafe MD-3D
491 790 Ft

Multisafe MD-3D

Multisafe MD-3D
Multisafe MD-3D
Multisafe MD-3D

3 mm thick steel plate housing, MABISZ certified
Size: 685 x 450 x 600 mm
Drawer heights: 145/290 mm
Colour: MD - Design: aluminium silver (RAL 9006)
Handle drawers: anthracite grey (RAL 7016)
Power supply: DC 12V with adapter, has built-in battery, with intermittent switching, provides at least one hour of operation in case of power failure

Language options: Hungarian, English, Serbian, French (on request)
Activation: with key and start code.
External control: from PC via RS-232 serial interface.
Keyboard: 13-key membrane keypad, can be disabled for external control.
Audio signals can be disabled.

Account opening, alarm:
Account opening timing: variable from 0 to 1800 sec, timing can be set per account.
Opening is done with a variable length code (2 to 8 digits) and a reference to the account number.
It can be operated with a multi-level code system with different privileges.
One account can be opened at a time (privileges, configuration dependent).
After timeout, the account can only be opened by re-entering the code (optional).

Forgot to close a drawer: after a preset time (when the drawer opening time expires), an acoustic warning is given.
When using the check/day-lock function, all drawers are opened simultaneously without delay.
Enclosure monitoring: an alarm is triggered if the enclosure is disturbed.
Silent alarm: when the low value drawer is in operation, the opening time of the high value drawer is doubled or locked (setting dependent).

Loud alarm: locks the drawers with an audible alarm.
Alarm input: all drawers are set to the preset delay time, the safe can be locked on an external alarm system signal.
Alarm output: with opening and closing contacts.


All functions can be controlled from PC via RS-232 serial interface.
With wood grain finish.

Expected delivery: available to order - delivery expected max. 4 weeks

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491 790 Ft


The appliance has a built-in battery which will provide at least 1 hour of operation in the event of a power failure. The built-in battery needs to be charged continuously, so please note the following when switching on the appliance:

- When not in use, the device also needs to be continuously charged, so please ensure that the battery is charged even if you plan to start up the device at a later date.

- Ensure a continuous mains supply to the battery via the power supply. Do not disconnect the power in the room where the Multisafe is located.

- If continuous power supply is not possible, please ensure continuous charging via an uninterruptible power supply.

- Tightening of the power and data cables connected to the device may cause unstable operation and failure of the Multisafe. To avoid this, please use the data holder on the back of the device, into which you should place the power supply and to which you should attach the data cables.

The factory warranty is only valid if these conditions are met.

Article No.
95 kg/unit
Multisafe kezelési leírás (magyar): https://straussmetal.hu/shop_ordered/21375/pic/Multisafe/Multisafe.pdf Multisafe-Toolkit program for Windows (Pc-ről történő vezérléshez): https://straussmetal.hu/shop_ordered/21375/pic/Multisafe/Multisafe_ToolKit_V1.4.2.zip
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