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Multisafe ML-3

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Multisafe ML-3
  • Multisafe ML-3
  • Multisafe ML-3
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Security Product of the Year in the 2006 Detector Plus competition
Winner of the Hungarian Design Award 2007

  • Multisafe Light 3 - Strauss Metal

    General characteristics:
    3 mm thick steel plate housing, MABISZ certified
    Size: 685 x 450 x 600 mm
    Drawer heights: 145/290 mm
    Colour: MD - Design: aluminium silver (RAL 9006)
    Handle drawers: anthracite grey (RAL 7016)
    Power supply: DC 12V with adapter, has built-in battery, with uninterruptible switching, provides at least one hour of operation in case of power failure.


    Language options: Hungarian, English, Serbian, French (on request).
    Activation: with key and start code.
    External control: from PC via RS-232 serial interface.
    Keyboard: 13-key membrane keypad, can be disabled for external control.
    Audio signals can be disabled.


    Drawer opening, alarm:
    Drawer opening timing: variable from 0 to 1800 sec, timing can be set per drawer.
    Opening is done with a variable length code (2 to 8 digits) and a reference to the account number.
    It can be operated with a multi-level code system with different privileges.
    One drawer can be opened at a time (privileges, configuration dependent).
    After timeout, the drawer can only be opened by re-entering the code (optional).


    Forgot to close drawer: after a preset time (when the drawer opening time expires), an acoustic warning is given.
    When using the check/day-lock function, all drawers are opened simultaneously without delay.
    Enclosure monitoring: an alarm is triggered if the enclosure is disturbed.
    Silent alarm: when the low value drawer is in operation, the opening time of the high value drawer is doubled or locked (setting dependent).
    Loud alarm: locks the drawers with an audible alarm.
    Alarm input: all drawers are set to the preset delay time, the safe can be locked on an external alarm system signal.
    Alarm output: with opening and closing contacts.


    All functions can be controlled from PC via RS-232 serial interface.
    With wood grain finish.

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    multi-safes, multi-safe, money-holding, coin tray, cash register, cash box, MULTISAFE, Time delay value storage box for daytime
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