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SK-4 E single-drawer super cash register

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SK-4 E single-drawer super cash register
  • SK-4 E single-drawer super cash register
698 490 Ft
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Time lock safe with a single drawer compartment for the safe deposit and storage of large sums of money without opening the safe.

- The safe part of the safe is protected by a time lock, even the operating staff cannot open it during the time lock.

- Equipped with a banknote evasion prevention device.



Silent alarm module. The cashier can open the electronic lock under duress - after the timeout has expired - but the safe sends a silent, undetected alarm signal to the remote monitoring system operator. The remote control centre is notified of the emergency, but those around the safe are unaware of the alarm going off.
The drawer can be ordered with a higher security VdS certified lock on request.

  • Supercounter SK 4 (MABISZ E) - Strauss Metal

    MABISZ certification: "E"

    Can be insured up to HUF 16 million when linked to an alarm system.

    Account lock: security lock with 2 keys.

    Vault lock: VdS certified electronic lock with time delay.

    Number of drawers: 1

    Orientation: standing
    Height - external: 700 mm
    Width - external: 450 mm
    Depth - external: 700 mm
    Weight: 146 kg
    Number of locking pins: 5


    Surface finish: powder coated
    Colour: light grey (RAL 7035)

  • Kulcsszavak 
    money-holding, coin tray, cash register, cash box, MULTISAFE, Time delay value storage box for daytime
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