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SK-3/2 two-drawer super cash register with time delay

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SK-3/2 two-drawer super cash register with time delay
  • SK-3/2 two-drawer super cash register with time delay
349 990 Ft+VAT

Time-locked safe with two-drawer compartment for safe deposit and storage of large amounts without opening the safe.

- The safe part of the safe is protected by a time lock: even the operating staff cannot open it during the time lock.

- In the two-drawer version, the money can be collected separately and can also be used as a currency box.
- Equipped with a banknote evasion prevention device.
- The drawers are also available with VdS certified locks on request.

Option: silent alarm module.


Standard with electronic lock? Yes on the safe, the drawers are locked with a key.

  • Supercounter SK 3 (MABISZ S1) - Strauss Metal

    Orientation: standing

    Number of drawers: 2
    Height - external: 700 mm
    Width - external: 600 mm
    Depth - external: 445 mm
    Weight: 90 kg
    Number of locking pins: 5
    MABISZ certification: S1: insurable up to HUF 3 million when connected to an alarm system.
    Colour (RAL): light grey (RAL 7035)

    Lock: 1 VdS-1 certified safe lock can be operated with a lock.

    Can be ordered with. Expected delivery time: max. 4 weeks.

  • Kulcsszavak 
    money-holding, coin tray, cash register, cash box, MULTISAFE, Time delay value storage box for daytime
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