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VT-0 Chemical Cabinet

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VT-0 Chemical Cabinet
  • VT-0 Chemical Cabinet
  • VT-0 Chemical Cabinet
  • VT-0 Chemical Cabinet
  • VT-0 Chemical Cabinet
  • VT-0 Chemical Cabinet
  • VT-0 Chemical Cabinet
126 990 Ft

The VT-0 Chemical Cabinet porvide safe storage for water-hazardous, toxic, and flammable substances. In addition, they provide protection against unauthorized substances.

  • - Secure storage for chemicals, disinfectants, cleaning agents, poisons on leak-proof spill trays.

    - Safe storage of volatile organic compounds (VOC) with passive ventilation or active suction.  

    - Temporary storage of hazardous waste such as batteries or lead accumulators on high load-bearing shelves.

    - Temporary storage of empty toners, ink cartridges, and print heads.

    - Keyed security lock with 3-point locking doors. Doors with ventilation slots.

    - Passive ventilation opening on top of the cabinet.

    - Galvanized spill trays.

    - Shelf height adjustable every 5 cm.

    - Color: Cabinet body: RAL 7035 light grey Door: RAL 1018 yellow

    - Size: 900 x 650 x 380 mm (height x width x depth)

    - Weight: 25 kg

    - Number of shelves: 1

    - Single door

    Available optional extras for an additional charge:

    - Extra shelf

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