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Reception safe 12 compartments - with safe lock

Reception safe 12 compartments - with safe lock
1 199 990 Ft+VAT

MABISZ-approved, group-arranged safe for locations where users want to keep their valuables in one place. Each compartment functions as a separate "A" class safe, with a VdS Klasse-1 certified lock, using manufacturing technology defined by the insurers' specifications to guarantee the protection of valuables.


Recommended uses:


hotel and motel reception areas: to keep guests' valuables safe;

cash desks, main cash desks: to store cash boxes containing cashiers' change;

ticket offices: employees can keep their account forms, tickets and passes in their own lockable safe;

ticket offices: tickets and season tickets can be stored separately by type.

  • Technical specifications of the 12-compartment reception safe:


    MABISZ "A" classification.

    The safe can be insured up to a value of 1.000.000 HUF if connected to an alarm system.
    The safe can be insured up to a value of 500.000 HUF without being connected to an alarm system.

    12-compartment group safe.
    External safe size: 1132x1000x500 mm with compartment dimensions (core x width x depth)
    Compartment dimensions: 12 compartments with dimensions 189x500x500 mm (core x width x depth)
    Door opening: with doors opening to the right.
    Fixing: to the floor and through the back wall to the side wall (fixing kit not included).
    Material: Class I cold rolled sheet steel.
    Weight: 130 kg
    Surface treatment: powder coated.
    Base colour: light grey (RAL 7035) or black (RAL 9005).
    Colour other than the basic colour: available at extra charge.
    Locking system: safe lock with VdS Klasse-1 certification, 2-2 keys/drawer.
    Production time: 4 weeks.


    Pallet delivery: in this case, delivery to the specified address is carried out by a carrier. The safe is fixed on a pallet which must be delivered to the destination by the customer.
    Individual calculation for delivery and on-site installation: a quotation will be sent for delivery, delivery to the destination (e.g. in case of difference in level) and fixing according to MABISZ specifications, once the installation location is known.

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    recepciós széf, recepcios szef, csoportos értéktároló, csoportos ertektarolo, 12 rekeszes,
    Article No.
    130 kg/pc
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