Our security products for residential or business use:

  • wall safe
  • furniture safe
  • floor safe

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How is a safe different from a vault?

The safes are designed for home, retail or hotel use and are used to store personal valuables, documents, data carriers, valuables and cash. Both the safe body and the door are made of one layer of high-quality sheet steel.

The safe is manufactured with a lock, which is either keyed or electronic - while a double-lock solution is also available for safes.

Buy a MABISZ-certified safe or safe wholesale directly from the manufacturer!

There are safes that can be built into the wall, which must be built into the wall according to the relevant regulations.
The floor safes must be hidden in the floor and concreted with a recessed solution for greater safety.
The furniture safe can be attached to a closet inside the apartment, or the smaller one can even be attached to a car.


Floor safe
A safe hidden in the floor, when installed correctly, does not protrude, so it can be covered with a carpet or furniture. It is worth choosing a floor safe if it is not necessary to open the safe every day.


Wall safe
Before buying a wall safe, you should check the structure and thickness of the wall.
We manufacture wall safes with two different depths so that they can be built into walls that are not too thick.


Furniture safe
Furniture safes do not necessarily need to be built in, because all sides are provided with equal protection. It is also aesthetically pleasing as a stand-alone piece of furniture, but it can also be placed in a wardrobe.


What lock options are there?

As a rule, we make the safes with a key lock, but for larger ones, it is also possible to use an electronic lock.

Do safes need to be locked?

It is not mandatory, but if you want to take out insurance for the values stored in it, the insurance company can set it as a condition. All safes we manufacture are prepared for this. Fixing holes are made on the bottom plate.


Should the safe be connected to an alarm system?

It is not mandatory, but if you connect it to the home alarm system, the insurance value of the safe will be doubled.

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