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Nova Car Safe with keylock

A key safe specially made for courier cars, which has a drop-in hole, this helping to ensure the safety of cash transactions. S1 Certificate. Left hand door.

39 990 Ft
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39 990 Ft
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Vehicle cash registers: quick cash handling in the car!

We created the vehicle cash register for delivery drivers, regional representatives and couriers. It can be ordered in two forms, depending on the type of car, or as the available space allows. The narrow version can be installed under the seats, the wider one under the dashboard or, in the case of a higher cab, in the storage space above the windshield.

There are 4 mounting holes on the bottom plate of both versions. The Strauss Metal banknote sorter and coin tray fit perfectly into the drawer, which can be removed if required.


Car safe

The Strauss Metal Nova 0 car safe offers a smaller, more space-saving solution. Unlike all our other safes, we make them with a door that opens to the left and are fitted with a key lock. Banknotes can be inserted through the slot in the upper part of the front without opening the door.

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