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Orion furniture safe with key lock

Insurance companies require a fastening that can withstand a tensile force of 500 kg, which includes the weight of the safe. The Orion safe is a single-wall type with a key lock.

39 362 Ft+VAT
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39 362 Ft+VAT
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Orion furniture safe product line
MABISZ-certified safes at a favorable price, available immediately from stock!
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Orion safes
The members of the Orion safe family differ not only in their size, but also in terms of their area of use.
The black standing traffic safe with a drop-in opening can be a reassuring security solution for national tobacco shops, newsagents and other stalls. While the lying-down valuables with electronic lock is designed for laptop storage, it can also be used well in hotel rooms.


All three safes have MABISZ A certification.
The insurance value limit: HUF 1 million
The door and the front are made of quality sheet steel. The bottom plate is equipped with a hole for fixing.


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