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Fortuna-4 furniture safe, with key
74 795 Ft+VAT
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74 795 Ft+VAT
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Under the brand name Strauss Metal, two Fortuna safes of different sizes are produced in the Pécs factory.

Height x width x depth (mm)

Fortuna 2 furniture safe: 305 x 420 x 345
Fortuna 4 furniture safe: 550 x 400 x 425

MABISZ S1 qualification. Insurance value limit: HUF 3 million

The sides of the Fortuna safes are made of 3 mm thick steel plate, while the door is made of 6 mm, so it meets the S1 rating required by the Association of Hungarian Insurers. According to this, the safe must be fixed to the furniture or the floor and connected to the home alarm system. If all this is achieved, it can be insured up to a maximum of HUF 3 million.

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