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Black wall safes for min. 30 cm wall thickness

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Black Wall safe - for business or residential use

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MABISZ class:
C (6 million HUF)
Size (height x width x depth):
310x485x266 mm
In stock
60 790 Ft

Are you looking for a wall safe?

Black wall safe
All four sizes of safes comply with the MABISZ C certification category.
The insurance value limit: 6 million HUF.

The Black wall safe is available in 4 sizes.
A wall with a thickness of at least 300 mm is required for installation.
Height x width x depth (mm)

Black 1 wall safe str: 225x325x266
Black 2 wall safe str: 282x400x266
Black 3 wall safe str: 310x485x266
Black 4 wall safe: 674x400x266
It is clear from the dimensions that the width and height change, the depth of 266 mm is constant.
The doors and fronts are all made of 8 mm steel sheet.

Size 1 is landscape oriented and can only be ordered with a key lock. It does not contain a shelf, so its 13.5 liter interior can be used as desired.

Sizes 2 and 3 are also landscape oriented. It can be ordered with a key lock. Both contain 1 shelf each, which you can remove as you like when you don't need it.

Black 4 is the largest wall safe in the Strauss Metal range.
It has a vertical orientation and really offers a lot of space for storing several large valuables or even a file holder or money cassette. Inside there are 2 shelves that can be removed if you want to store something taller in the safe. The door is equipped with a key lock, which will provide adequate protection in cooperation with the 5 solid locking pins.