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Terra-1 floor safe - MABISZ "C"

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Terra-1 floor safe - MABISZ "C"
  • Terra-1 floor safe - MABISZ "C"
  • Terra-1 floor safe - MABISZ "C"
114 559 Ft+VAT

Production and distribution of MABISZ-certified products.

  • Terra 1 floor safe - Strauss Metal

    Height - external: 225 mm
    Width - external: 325 mm
    Depth - internal: 260 mm; external: 310 mm
    Weight: 13 kg
    Capacity: 13.5 liters

    Number of locking pins: 1 pc
    Lock: VdS-1 certified key lock.
    Protected against lock drilling with a manganese plate.
    90 degree opening with reinforced internal hinges.


    MABISZ certification: C
    Insurable value limit: 6 million HUF
    For connecting to an alarm system: not prepared
    Connecting to an alarm system: optional
    Certification: EN1143-1
    Door / front thickness: 8 mm
    Color (RAL): black

    Fastening: mandatory under 1000 kg (MABISZ regulation).

    Other features: robust design

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