Terra floor safes

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Terra-1 floor safe - MABISZ "C"

Production and distribution of MABISZ-certified products.

114 559 Ft+VAT
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114 559 Ft+VAT
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Terra-2 floor safe - MABISZ "C"

Can be covered with a carpet or other floor covering. Due to its location, it is recommended for storing things that you do not need every day.

137 787 Ft+VAT
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137 787 Ft+VAT
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A safe hidden in the floor is harder to find, it can be hidden almost anywhere. It is enough to put a cupboard, sofa or armchair on it to make it invisible.


It can also be covered with a carpet or other floor covering material. In any case, it will form a soothing, secret place in the apartment. However, due to its placement, we recommend it for storing things that you don't need every day.

The top and door of the professionally installed floor safe are a few cm below the floor level, so we add a cover plate. This effectively protects the lock from dust and spilled liquids. The cover plate is also useful because the lock is not good if an adult steps on it, and the infiltrating cleaning water is not its best friend either.

It can be ordered with a key lock.

Experience shows that the floor safe provides effective protection in case of fire. It is located below the level of the floor, while the heat flows upwards, so there is usually no extra high temperature inside the safe. However, during firefighting, water may get inside, so it is advisable to pack papers and documents in well-sealed boxes or waterproof nylon.


The Strauss Metal Terra floor safe is available in two sizes:
Height x width x depth (mm)

Terra 1 floor safe: 225x325x260
Terra 2 floor safe: 282x400x260

In this case, the height and width can be interpreted in several ways. Interpret the above data as if you were looking at the already built-in value store from above. It can be read from the numbers that only their depth is the same, and the main difference is in the door opening.


The dimensions of the smaller model, the Terra 1 (225x325), are slightly larger than an A4 paper (210x295), so you can comfortably put important documents inside. The Terra 2 can accommodate wider items, but its size (282x400) is slightly smaller than that of an A3 paper (295x420).


The Terra floor safes have a capacity of 13.5 and 23 liters respectively, with a weight of 13 and 19 kg. The smaller model has 1, while the larger model has 5 locking pins for greater protection against tension. Both are made of 8 mm steel plate, with reinforcement around the lock to protect it against attempts to drill.


Based on the above data, the Strauss Metal Terra floor safes can be classified in the MABISZ C rating category. Their insurance value limit is HUF 3 million, which can be doubled if the valuables are connected to the house's alarm system.

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